Saturday, March 19, 2005

Greetings from London - the half way point

Colombo is not quite on the other side of the world from Washington, DC, but nearly so. London's Heathrow airport is a transit, if not a geographic mid point. Were this not a busy time at the University, I might stop over for a day, but in mid semester I fly straight through, treating myself to a business class ticket on the 11 hour London-Colombo Lounge.

The Heathrow business class lounge is a familiar setting. Everything is the same, but some things are different. Where I am sitting now, on the first level, used to be the Concorde Lounge, an exclusive setting for passengers willing to spend $10,000 a ticket. Now it is just another lounge, but with free internet service provided - a new feature since last summer, I think. The PCs are Dell - interesting.

Heathrow has become more humane in the last eight months, even for the masses - usually including me - who can't spring for a business class ticket. There seems to be a recognition that passengers stopping over, with time to wait, may not want to spend all of it in a glitzy shopping mall, with no place to sit! There is a multi faith prayer room, where I was able to take a break for morning prayers and meditation.

It is hard to believe that my book is actually done; that I will be able to see the physicality of it. My mother used to tell me that when everything is going smoothly - watch out! Until yesterday - departure day - things were going smoothly. Then there was a glitch that chewed up time, threw me off stride and raised concerns it didn't know were still part of my make up. This is all to the good.

I chose The Essential Gandhi as my traveling companion. Better than taking advantage of "48 viewing options." I have not read the book in a few months and already it is having a positive impact.

Dormgrandpop's next report will be from Colombo.


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