Saturday, April 06, 2013


(The MCK quotes are from Book on a Thai Bhikkuni – Mae Chee Kaew, my recently completed contemplative practice reading.)
Awake at 4:30.  Thinking about dynamic systems molecules.  How can I best share them with my students?  At 5:15, I got up, and began writing.
What could be more fulfilling to a Professor than to have students producing work that exhibits disciplined learning and creativity? 
Moral virtue is subtle and complex.  It cannot be attained merely by reference to precepts and rules.  It must be an expression of the mind’s pure intentions.  MCK
All must die.  We can’t know when we will die, for certain. But we can be certain that death will come when the time is ripe.  MCK
Rules must be accompanied by empowering those “ruled” not to follow them for good reasons and to change them when circumstances dictate. The absence of such empowermen is a problem in many organizations.  As I learn more about Singapore, though I know very little as yet, I am concerned that in this very organized and smoothing functioning society, it may be a problem as well. 
Seeing stubbornness, gloom and delusion in themselves, intelligent people look for their own faults rather than faulting others.  MCK
The primal delusion that mobilizes the forces of greed and anger is always cunningly concealed in the deepest resources of the heart. MCK

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